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Hayden, I am just so sad that you’re gone. The news struck... Read More
The Day I Sent

The Day We Sent Logical Progression

I’ve never been a goal-oriented climber so I don’t really see the... Read More
Daily Stoke

Pretty Strong

Several years ago, my old buddy Colette McInerney was going through a... Read More
Essays & Rants

Outdoor Brands Cautiously Wading into Politics

Like some liberal arts grads, I don’t technically use my degree in... Read More
Essays & Rants

Fear and Judgement in Risk and Death

Death visits Mount Everest each season with the reliability of a monsoon,... Read More
Books & Movies

The Life and Climbs of Voytek Kurtyka

“Alpinism is the art of freedom,” wrote Voytek Kurtyka, the great Polish... Read More