The Day I Sent Color Blind (5.13a R)

In the wake of a divorce, an increasingly unsuccessful attempt at an academic career and a not-quite healed foot fracture, I moved to the New River Gorge in West Virginia around 2013.  I’m originally from Utah, and none of my western friends could understand why on earth I would willingly move East. But after five […]

Stunt of the Day: Ice Climbing Niagara Falls

One of the most popular stories on Evening Sends last year was one in which I wondered who would make the first ascent of Niagara Falls following its deep freeze from the Polar Vortex. I posted that article as a bit of a lark, and was really surprised to see how much traffic it received. Either way, […]

The Grapes of Whatever

I looked in the mirror. Soul patch. Unibrow. Face either about to sneeze or cry. I said to my reflection, “Why do we climb?” then quickly turned away. This existential crisis was sheer torture! I picked up Ed Whymper’s skull, which I had recently acquired in Chamonix. The Guide de Haute Montagne had organized an […]

Athlete or Model: What is Sierra Blair-Coyle?

It was Tuesday, which, for professional climbing model Sierra Blair-Coyle, means it was actually #TumblrTuesday. Unless you’re a millennial somehow preternaturally fluent in the hieroglyphic language of hashtags and emojis, you might ask yourself, What the heck is a #TumblrTuesday? I Googled it and learned that #TumblrTuesday is “A day to share your Tumblrs”—with that […]