Into the Blue

Waves walloped the seaside wall from which I hung—barely, I will add—by my own saline fingertips and wet climbing shoes. The waves struck with such force that mini earthquakes reverberated up through the rock and down my wooden limbs. I could feel a filigree of nerve endings in my body quaking with fear, like the […]

Why I Love Sport Climbing

When I started climbing in 1994, bouldering was just blowing up and no one had even heard of deep-water soloing, but the sport climbing revolution was in full effect. All of the work done by the early sport-climbing pioneers—discovering new cliffs, developing trails, and bolting hundreds of routes—appeared to be paying off because those climbers […]

Precious Little Climber Too Jet Lagged to Climb in Kalymnos

Despite having saved up for a climbing trip to Kalymnos for over a year, the precious little delicate rock climber Jeffrey Covil was reportedly too jet-lagged to climb during his weeklong trip to the climbing paradise. “Each day I’d hike up to the Grande Grotta cave,” said little Jeffery-weffrey. “But by the time I reached […]

Onsight Climbing Tips for Sport Climbers

An onsight is successfully sending a route on your first try without any information/beta. In most cases, you will onsight only climbs that are easy for you. Onsighting a hard route near your limit is probably the most difficult challenge there is in rock climbing. There’s no shortage of things that can go awry—you can […]