Onsight Climbing Tips for Sport Climbers

An onsight is successfully sending a route on your first try without any information/beta. In most cases, you will onsight only climbs that are easy for you. Onsighting a hard route near your limit is probably the most difficult challenge there is in rock climbing. There’s no shortage of things that can go awry—you can […]

Holiday Gift Guide for Climbers

Ledge Pants Men have always struggled with finding the perfect pair of climbing pants–at least I have. These Ledge Pants are really durable, and stretchy. They move with you like a pair of yoga tights (I imagine), but retain a simple, masculine aesthetic. They’re also quite “skinny,” my only complaint—underwear is mandatory! Despite being skinny pants, […]

The Day I Sent Skinny Love

“I want to lead The Evictor,” I told Nick, arriving home after a spectacular, sun-drenched winter day at the Rincon Wall in Eldorado Canyon. I had successfully—and quite easily I might add—top-roped The Evictor (5.12+ R), perhaps the canyon’s most famous single-pitch test piece. I am fairly sure that Nick, my now husband, mumbled some […]

Climb Like an Animal

Takuan Soho, a 16th Century master, gave this advice to a young samurai: “Try not to localize the mind anywhere, but let it fill up the whole body, let it flow throughout the totality of your being. When this happens you use the hands where they are needed, you use the legs where they are […]