Everest Coverage Continues …

A lot has been written about Everest’s darkest day, April 18, 2014, in which 16 sherpas died in an avalanche in the Khumbu Icefall after a large serac collapsed. This tragedy seems to have unleashed a lot of heated issues and emotions that were roiling just under the surface, which explains why this deadly day […]

What’s the best climbing chalk?

Forget all that strength training, campusing and hangboarding you’re doing. If your climbing shoes aren’t sticky, or your palms and fingers are greasier than a Kentucky hippie’s taint in August, you are going to have a much harder time staying on the rock. In other words, Yer Gonna FALL! The technology behind climbing-shoe rubber has […]

This Week in Climbing …

It’s been a somewhat disappointing fall. A large workload, and some unseasonably wet rock, has kept me off the sharp end of the rope and at the blunt end of my laptop keyboard for the past two weeks. Rocktober hasn’t been kind to me … or my belayer. She’s been waylaid with a knee injury […]

Climb Just to Climb

Lately I’ve been feeling more cynical than usual toward pop yoga culture. Invariably, at least once a week, my Instagram feed spawns a photo of some yoga girl striking an extreme tortuous pose for seemingly no purpose other than to show off her asana. And that would be fine, if the caption earnestly stated: “Check […]