Everest’s Helicopters Could’ve Been Used Elsewhere

Reading about the devastation in Nepal is utterly heartbreaking. Once again, a natural disaster has ravaged one of the poorest areas in the world. It seems incomprehensible, unfair, and cruel that those who already have the least have to suffer the most. The coverage of this earthquake, however, has made me a little uneasy.  Why has […]

Why Is This Girl Eating Bugs and Climbing El Cap?

On the Dawn Wall, Tommy Caldwell credited eating healthier to being one of the keys to his and Kevin Jorgeson’s success. Forget the normal big-wall diet of beef jerky, ramen noodles and canned peaches. Kevin and Tommy were eating fresh avocados, cucumbers, peppers and Patagonia Provisions Wild Salmon, responsibly sourced from sustainable fisheries. Well it […]

The Day I Sent Golden (5.14b)

Age brings wisdom, insight and mastery. That’s a pleasing fairy tale used to sell Viagra, luxury cars and Dos Equis. Age may bring some benefits, but it also brings weakness, pain, injuries, distractions—a general diminishment of all things associated with athletic performance. All semi-serious amateur climbers wonder why he or she should try hard at […]