Blue Steel: A Permadraw Solution

Rifle Mountain Park is the Roman naval of the permadraw craze that has spread to sport crags around the country. But up until this summer, the Rifle Climbers’ Coalition (of which I am a board member) had no official policy regarding the installation of new, or maintenance of old permadraws. Fortunately, we now have some […]

Alex Megos Completes His Longest Project

Alex Megos finally redpointed something … That’s a joke of course, because up until now the 21-year-old Megos has either onsighted or flashed—or come very close to onsighting or flashing—or has just very quickly redpointed—nearly every hard route that he has sent. Now according to his recent Facebook post, Megos has established a new route […]

Valley Uprising Nostalgic

When I was working as the senior editor at Rock and Ice magazine, there was one year when I had to put my foot down. “Do you think that we could go, I dunno, at least three issues without putting the Stonemasters on the cover?” I whined. My complaint was mostly rhetorical. People love the […]

This Week in Climbing

It’s that time of year in Colorado when the bears begin to forage through low-lying dumpsters, and climbers across the West finally send their summertime projects. Despite having coined the phrase “Sendtember” (or so I believe) a few years back, I must confess that I don’t know how often I actually make good on the concept. […]