Live the Dream: Get Paid to Climb

The life of a sponsored climber is one to envy. Unlike other professional athletes who are beholden to such duties as playing for teams, showing up to practices and winning games, the sponsored climber floats along from one country to the next, posting selfies along the way. He answers to no one or nothing, least […]

Why the Dawn Wall broke the Internet

I don’t think anyone in the climbing world expected the #DawnWall to become a juggernaut of a news story. Seemingly every news source covered it, with varying degrees of success. ABC News contributed this priceless gem of “journalism.” This interview with “Alex Honnlove” has to be one of the most awkward and hilarious interviews I’ve […]

Valley Uprising Nostalgic

When I was working as the senior editor at Rock and Ice magazine, there was one year when I had to put my foot down. “Do you think that we could go, I dunno, at least three issues without putting the Stonemasters on the cover?” I whined. My complaint was mostly rhetorical. People love the […]

More Notes from the Dawn Wall

It’s difficult to capture in words the painstaking nuance and utter improbability that is really hard, really technical rock climbing such as what is going down on the Dawn Wall this week. Yet it’s worth trying because it’s in those details that climbing is elevated from athletic to aesthetic. This week on El Cap, two […]