This Week in Climbing 7-27-15

J-Star Does Jade One of America’s favorite sport climbers is summering in Estes Park, doing something most sport climbers suck at: bouldering. Turns out, Jonathan Siegrist can crimp with the best of them, as evinced by his take-down of Jade, his first V14, mere days after getting his first tattoo. Props to Jonathan for sending […]

Profiles in Courage: BearCam

I have a lot of friends who have found ways to use their cameras as a ticket to a pretty exciting life of travel and adventure. One of those dudes who I’ve been hearing about in recent years is Cameron Maier, AKA “Bear Cam.” “He is a fucking party animal,” says Jonathan Siegrist, as if […]

Daily Stoke: Achieving Goals with Emily Harrington

Climbers can be broken down into two types. There is the type of people who talk about all the climbing they’re going to do. And then there are the people who just go climb. Where I cut my teeth—in the self-effacing, old-school New England climbing scene—the latter was far more righteous. And we had a […]

The Day I Sent Freerider in a Day

At 1 a.m., I scrubbed three inches of ketchup slime from the inside of a trash can in Yosemite Village. I’d told my boss that I received a degree from UCSC. “Well,” he said. “You can be in charge of everything that’s not important.” It was June 2014. I was 32 years old and inside […]