Serra do Cipo, Brazil

Here is a cool video from my friends from the South, Santi Valerga and Carolina Fritz. They live in Aspen in the winter to ski and work, and travel around the world in the off season. They will be back in the U.S. soon, as Santi will be representing Argentina in the upcoming World Cup in Boulder, Colorado, at Movement.

I’ve heard that Brazil is one of the great frontiers for sport climbing, and it’s a place that I’m eager to check out for myself. This video shows how good the rock looks … not to mention how strong Carolina is climbing! Great work, Carolina!

  • Ben Eaton

    After living in Brazil for two years and never experiencing the climbing there, I sure look forward to the time I can go and re-experience that country from the cliff-sides. I’ll be your translator.

  • Paul Robinson

    Yeah whatever. You should come try my projects in Red Rox. Like Daniel Woods couldnt even touch them and he is like sponsored. Red Rox takes a dump on that place.