Video: Climb Like Chris Sharma

Here is great video put together by Rock and Ice: tips from the sport-climbing maestro, Chris Sharma. Also be sure to read Sharma’s introduction to my book. 



  • Jason Keck

    Loving the video.  Chris Sharma is the man.  He has pushed the limits of climbing and brought it into the mainstream sports world more than any other climber.  His humble and authentic personality make him universally revered by the climbing world and my favorite climber.  

    That being said, his advice for improving as a climber is not the most helpful to people who cannot spend 5+ days per week on the rocks or in the climbing gym.  I have continued to improve as a climber while climbing less than once a week by targeting the physical components of climbing that are easiest to improve.  These components are flexibility (stretching and yoga), body tension (janda sit up, isometric and negative exercises for lats, obliques, and abs), and finger strength (pull ups and hangs on a finger board, or by using rogue fitness grippers).These exercise really will make you a better climber with minimal time input.  I hope this helps.  Climb on.

  • allison

    Good heavens. The way that was edited made it sound like one long five-minute run-on sentence.