The Day I Sent

The Day I Sent Golden (5.14b)

Age brings wisdom, insight and mastery. That’s a pleasing fairy tale used... Read More
The Day I Sent

The Day I Sent Waka Flocka

I learned how to rock climb in Rifle Mountain Park, Colorado, when... Read More
Books & Movies

The Return of Climbing Porn

When I was a sophomore in college in 2000, the Internet still had... Read More
How To Climb

Onsight Climbing Tips for Sport Climbers

An onsight is successfully sending a route on your first try without... Read More
Daily Stoke

Climb Like an Animal

Takuan Soho, a 16th Century master, gave this advice to a young... Read More
Feature Stories

Into the Blue

Waves walloped the seaside wall from which I hung—barely, I will add—by... Read More