Daily Stoke: Chris Sharma Climbs Witness the Fitness

Back in Sharma’s dreadlock phase, he ferreted out a pretty sick line through a rando cave in stumblemook Arkansas: Witness the Fitness. This was also an era when Sharma wasn’t grading the shit he did, so there was only the usual media-generated speculation about its difficulty.

Witness the Fitness. Classic capture by Corey Rich
Witness the Fitness. Classic capture by Corey Rich

Over the years, it was rarely repeated, first by Fred Nicole t later by Daniel Woods. With each ascent, new reports of holds breaking bumped up the difficulty all the way to V15.

Ultimately, Jimmy Webb broke the crux hold and effectively put an end to any future efforts on this roof proj for the ages.

Fortunately, we still have this gem of a video from Dosage Vol. 3, capturing the first ascent. Love the track by the British artist Roots Manuva, especially the first two lines:

Taskmaster burst the bionic zit-splitter
Breakneck speed we drown ten pints of bitter