Pretty Strong

Several years ago, my old buddy Colette McInerney was going through a bit of a tough period, wondering what to do with her life. We were having a heart-to-heart about life, relationships, creativity, freelancing, climbing—all the things that we love and that we consider being our core passions in life … But also they’re sometimes the very things that cause us the greatest sources of frustration and anxiety.

Finally, I just asked her directly, “What DO you want to DO with your life?”

Colette thought for a split second, then said: “I just want to travel around the world, go climbing, and make photos and videos.”

Sure enough, that’s exactly what she did.

And it’s what she continues to do.


Colette is a true visual artist who has a unique eye for beauty, patterns, and all the really cool tiny details that often just go unnoticed. Like tens of thousands of others, I enjoy following Colette’s work and travels on Instagram. “Where is Colette now?” I often find myself wondering before opening Instagram. Sure enough, I’m usually surprised to see her in some new location–climbing, traveling, shooting photos and videos. Exactly like she said she would.

Colette and her three creative partners at Never Not Collective are working on a film about “all your favorite climbing chicks in one place.” They’re calling it “Pretty Strong.” And they’re looking for help to  Kickstart the film and make it a reality.



I’m truly looking forward to this film for several reasons. First, there are a ton of great women out there climbing really hard, and to see them all in one video, crushing routes and boulders, is going to be super inspiring. It’s especially cool that this film is being made by women themselves. There has been a notable lack of female filmmakers in the adventure realm. “Pretty Strong” is going to be a welcome and long-awaited addition to the genre of climbing and adventure filmmaking.

Mostly, though, I’m hyped to see my friend Colette finding her voice, and directing her immeasurable talents into something that has been a passion of hers for as long as I’ve known her. If you have some extra dollars lying around, please consider supporting this project.

All photos by Colette

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  • David Sahalie

    yeah, they pretty strong ;0

  • Faye Marshall

    fuck yes

  • Faye Marshall

    so in love with these pics that emphasis strength and determination instead of tit size

  • Michael von Wahlde

    I was a Gunks regular when Collette started climbing and I remember her verve, her unique style, and beautiful heart and smile. So excited for all her successes! Good work, great life and lady.