Perfecto Mundo: Chris Sharma’s Next Proj

Margalef is the best climbing area in Spain that I’ve been to. The limestone is just incredibly varied—with caves, tufas, pockets, and these strange calcium deposits that look like a melted candelabra. The famous Spanish architect Atonin Gaudi reportedly took inspiration for his modernistic structures from what he saw in Margalef.

Chris Sharma has projects all over the place. He works on one for a few weeks, then before getting burned out, he switches it up and tries a different project at another crag. It’s an interesting tactic that bucks the traditional approach of just choosing one god-forsaken rock climb and banging your head against the wall until it’s done. Whether or not there’s something to this style depends on how you want to define success in rock climbing. Is it a parameter of how quickly you tick one box? Or is it actually more about enjoying the projecting process without getting injured, getting burned, and still getting stronger because you’re not just doing the same few moves over and over again?

There might be something to that. … That said, I remember giving Chris a belay on this Perfecto Mundo project at least six years ago. It’s cool to see that he’s going to return to this cliff and try to finish this one off. I’m sure he can do it … It might just be a matter of whether he focuses on this one for a minute … or if another tasty project comes along that diverts his attention elsewhere.

Either way, this is a dope video of Chris that got me psyched to climb. Enjoy it and have a good weekend!