Lucky Monkey

American dirtbag climbing culture begins and ends with Camp 4 and Yosemite. This new video by Cheyne Lempe shows him pushing himself in Patagonia—which, controversially, become this sort of proving ground for those who spend time cutting their teeth in the Valley—living in YOSAR, and setting the solo speed record on the Salathe Wall, which he did last fall.

“Now I can just sit around Camp 4 for the rest and do nothing,” Cheyne says, perhaps facetiously, into the camera after his solo speed record. I cracked up at that line, because it mirrors my own experience of living in Camp 4. You go there for months, live in the dirt, end up doing one or two really proud things, and then your season just degrades into complete bummery. Drinking Cobras. Eating Its Its ice cream sandwiches. Spraying at the Cafe.

This video is all over the place, but I really enjoyed it and thought Cheyne did a great job capturing this important slice of American climbing pie. Enjoy!

Lucky Monkey from Cheyne Lempe on Vimeo.