Scarpa Feroce

feroceThe Scarpa Feroce (MSRP $165) is an all-around workhorse with a triple Velcro closure that excels on steep routes requiring toe power, and technical slabs where spot-on precision is a must. 

This high-performing all purpose shoe is built for climbers with wider feet. The Vibram XS Grip 2 rubber is sticky and long-lasting. The Suede/Lorica upper retain the shape of the shoe and help it feel more and more comfortable over time. And the slightly down-turned toe, combined with exceptional smearing performance, makes the Feroce a shoe that can tackle both 5.10 slabs, 5.11 cracks, and 5.14 overhanging sport routes.

Great edging capabilities. Felt secure standing on the smallest footholds. And well-placed sticky rubber on the heel and over the toe makes the Feroce one of the best toe-hooking and heel-hooking shoes I’ve tested. 

Thanks to a design that allows the whole upper front foot to flex as one, the Feroce is an exceptional smearing shoe. I’ve experienced confidence on the most oil-slick, boot-polished holds I’ve ever stood on while wearing the Feroce.

A slightly pointy toe allows for wide to large pocket climbing, but even when the pocket gets really tiny, the Feroce’s great smearing capabilities come into play and allow you to use small pockets for ore holds that might otherwise be too small for a shoe this stiff.

The Feroce just isn’t designed for high-end crack climbing. That said, it’s mid-stiff last, and ability to flex for smears make it a surprisingly great crack-climbing shoe on granite. Velcro straps deteriorate in the desert, however, so it’s not suited for Indian Creek crack-climbing.

The break-in period is relatively quick. If you have a medium to wide foot, and want performance without pain, this shoe might definitely exceed your expectations for comfort. It certainly did for me.