55005_579Women climbers may have sports bras to complain about, but men for sure have climbing pants. For some reason, finding a pair of durable yet unrestrictive climbing pants that don’t bunch up and fit well under a harness is harder than finding the holy grail.

I recently ordered the Lightweight Climb Pants from Patagonia, and have been surprised to find what may be my most favorite sport-climbing and bouldering slacks to date. I like the draw string waist, articulated knees and unrestricted movement they provide. My only complain is I wish they were a bit longer as you lose an inch or two of length while wearing a harness.

They’re also versatile, which is absolutely mandatory, I think, for any clothing I buy. I.E. it needs to work at the crags, and also be something I’d wear in “normal” life—spraying myself up at the bar, and so on. Anyway, if you’re looking for some new pants this season, you can’t go wrong with these. Check them out here.