La Sportiva Jeckyl VS

JeckylThe La Sportiva Jeckyl VS (MSRP $120) is comfortable, high-quality Velcro slipper that excels at crack climbing. What I love about this shoe is that it’s a fantastic crack climbing slipper, especially for desert routes. It’s a great value. And it has a suction cup fit with no dead space, and thanks to the Velcro, it’s easy on, easy off at hanging belays.

The Jeckyl VS, however, leaves something to be desired in edging situations. Plus, due to its unlined leather construction, it’ll stretch upwards of a size-plus. 

As far as desert crack-climbing slippers go, the Jeckyl VS might have just set the new performance standard. I consider it to be in the same category as the Five Ten Moccasym and the Evolv Addict, yet I find to be much more comfortable and better performing than either. Outside of climbing desert splitters, however, the Jeckyl VS struggles to edge. Therefore, it might not be the first choice for sport, gym and bouldering.

A great shoe at a great price that appears to be holding up really well after a year’s worth of harsh desert conditions.