Five Ten Anasazi Guide

AnasaziGuideThe Five Ten Anasazi Guide is a super-stiff, supportive flat-lasted lace-up for all-day moderate routes, particularly trad climbing in the mountains. This is a great all-day edging boot for chugging tons of moderate terrain. It performs well on hand and fist cracks, but struggles on finger cracks. And while it is comfortable for medium-width feet, it could be improved by better arch support. Size big (street shoe or larger).

This new low-top shoe feels and climbs much more like a boot than a precision climbing shoe, and I think that’s a good thing for those who are more interested in doing long, moderate trad climbs in the mountains. This is a comfortable shoe that could be worn all day. It’s a fantastic edging and smearing shoe, but the high-profile toe box struggles on pockets and thin finger cracks.

The Guide is flexible enough to press your foot into smears and blank patches of rock and provide confidence that your foot will stick thanks to Five Ten’s perennially sticky rubber.

This shoe has a lower volume heel than other Five Ten shoes, which I appreciated. It fit really well, making even heel hooks feel solid.

I could climb a couple thousand feet of hand cracks in these shoes before I’d have to take them off, but finger cracks were a different story. A large profile toe box made anything thin really challenging.

All day comfort thanks to a lined leather upper and a  nice roomy toe box. I wish the shoe had a slightly higher arch to remove the air pocket under foot, and provide more support for all-day routes.