dmm-traction-chalk-bag-blue_1If you need a new chalk bag, the DMM Traction chalk bag is a bomber choice.

The highlight of the Traction is its super stiff opening. Many other chalk bags that I’ve used either aren’t stiff enough from the get-go, or deform with age so that you end up having to mess around with flaps of material when you go for a dip. But the Traction has remained a strong performer on this count.

The opening is also big enough to accommodate a large hand, which I appreciate.

There is a easy-to-cinch draw cord that keeps chalk inside the bag, but can quickly be loosened with one hand when it’s time to climb.

The Traction comes in four striking, bold and clean colors which appealed to my spartan aesthetic.


My only complaint is that I wish the brush holder was on the right side of the bag, not the left, as I’m right-handed and always find myself going for my brush on the right side of my body. Of course, if you’re a south paw, this will be a blessing.

There are a surprising number of mediocre to crappy chalk bags out there. But you have my word that this is not one of them.