Ethan Pringle and La Reina Mora (5.14d)

Sport climbing can be a real bitch. Just when you think you your project on lock down, you punt off the top. Then you spend the next week making worse and worse progress. When you hit rock bottom in that pit of despair and self-loathing, it’s hard to pull yourself out. It’s like a motivational black hole. There are probably other metaphors I could mix in, but, well, you get the idea.

This is great video by the RV Project of my friend Ethan Pringle taking down a stout 9a in Siurana: La Reina Mora. What I love about this video is that it really captures some of the unique highs and lows found in this silly little game of clipping bolts on rocks. And it shows a feeling we can probably all relate to: getting a high point, but being so fucking terminally pumped that you just shake out your chicken wings for five minutes only to make one more move and fall. The worst! (Also, the best, too.)

Check it out, share it and hope it gets you as stoked to climb as it did me.