Sonnie Trotter’s Lost Hampi Footage

Remember when people were all like, “Bro, I gotsta go to Hampi and get my Pilgrimage on, dawg! Fo’ real! We be pimpin’ Mantras and Mandalas, yo. Shit’s real!” Or however people talked back in 2008. (I’m so 2000 and late.)

Anyway, yeah. There was a period when Hampi was an “It” bouldering destination but it was quickly overshadowed by Rocklands and Switzerland or whatever the fuck was in Reel Rock that year.

Sonnie Trotter was one of those people who hopped on the Hampi express back when it was cool. And it looks like he just found archival footage of his trip from that year, and decided to put it up online. It’s either that, or his Canadian bandwidth just finally finished uploading and rendering his Vimeo vid, five years later.

Check it out. It got me stoked to boulder on some grainy eggs.

Hampi 2008 from Sonnie Trotter on Vimeo.