Daily Stoke: Chris Parker’s Cliff Notes

Chris Parker’s new album pays homage to the vertical west

Music is the partner we all need, in climbing, road tripping, and life. And I couldn’t imagine a better partner to take with me on the road this summer than “Cliff Notes,” a new album from my good friend Chris Parker, a singer-songwriter who also currently works at Black Diamond Equipment.


“Cliff Notes” is at once soul-searching and soul-satisfying music, rooted in passion and the vertical west. These songs will most likely speak to a time and place in every climber’s life that will stir the heart—hopefully, for you, that time and place are now.

cliff notes cover artThe album officially drops on iTunes and Spotify on July 26, but it should be up already. Check out the embedded link for a sample, and follow Chris on Spotify and Instagram.

Also, if you’re going to be at the OR Trade Show next week, Chris is doing a live performance on July 26 at the BD happy hour.

Make sure you support an incredible musician and member of the climbing tribe!

  • calder

    His music is damn good. Really enjoying this set.

  • marq

    merci !