Daily Stoke: Alex Honnold’s Heavy Metal Speed Solo

Just yesterday, I was just lamenting about all the lame climbing videos, especially those on Instagram. I swear to god, yesterday I watched three different Instagram clips of these Mickey Mouse pro climbers walking out to their bouldering project in super slow motion, grabbing, like, two crimps, not sending shit, and then going home while we are forced to see at least two more shots of their sponsor logos patchworked onto their jackets.

Kill ME!

Screenshot 2016-12-08 12.32.20 copy

Anyway, I was happy to see this video of Alex Honnold recreating Dan Osman’s Lover’s Leap speed solo. Mad respect to Alex for keeping it real. Here’s to putting the rock back in rock climbing!

Awesome work by my friend Corey Rich and Novus Select—great job on this production! I hope we get to see a director’s cut! :)


  • Related, by all accounts (I’m sure you know him so can ask….), he recounted on a recent podcast (Enormocast? Tim Ferris? – I can’t keep up anymore) of lapping this a few times back to back and knocking a lot more time than that off. I guess more importantly…..who cares, a highly amusing video and niche topic :)

  • Simon Mentz

    I’ve always thought speed soloing to be a somewhat questionable activity, but maybe it somehow suits this particular route. More important though is the fact that Alex needs to work on his air guitar technique.